Robbie Keane Imitates Dennis Bergkamp Overshadowing Steven Gerrard’s Debut

Steven Gerrard was introduced to the L.A. Galaxy faithful this weekend and put in a decent 45 minutes. He also managed to get into the MLS all-star game through a Commissioner’s Pick, which made a few players tweet that perhaps Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and Giovanni Dos Santos should also get a few call ups, seeing how they had the same number of MLS caps as Lampard and Gerrard.


NYCFC’s Frank Lampard and the L.A. Galaxy’s Steven Gerrard. Both high-profile midfielders have only just started training with their clubs, and neither had played a single second of MLS action at the time Commissioner Don Garber summoned them to appear in the All-Star game.

Let’s be honest. All-Star games are a way for fans to see the big names. Gerrard and Lampard are obviously not playing at an All-Star level right now, but that’s who fans want to see. Despite someone jokingly saying that Pirlo should be added, in reality, he probably should! You don’t want to see Pirlo play? Any good All-Star team should be comprised of the players who are performing at the highest level and the most popular players. That’s how baseball usually does it. The system is inherently flawed and will never have a completely satisfying outcome partly because it’s subjective and partly because the fans have a heavy-handed influence. The team with the most loyal following will squeeze in some less than deserving players.

One man who the fans should be noticing right now is Robbie Keane, who scored one of the best goals you’ll see this year. In the match against Club America, Keane pulled down a Juninho long-ball and lightly controlled it to his right foot then finished beautifully. Dennis Bergkamp couldn’t have done it any better (well, that’s not true, but it’s close). It’s a pass that Stevie G has made before, though this time it was Juninho. The control and finish were outstanding.

Keane was not nominated to the all-star team, but should make the roster when coaches fill out their line-ups.

If you’re not following the MLS, it might be time to start.

Oh, and here’s the Dennis Bergkamp goal with Jack van Gelder losing his gourd as the announcer.

Morata Takes Juve Back To Where It Deserves To Be

Juve is now where it deserves to be.

~ Alvaro Morata

The kid from Madrid puts a dagger into the heart of his former club and sends Juventus back to the Champions League final. Real played well but wasted too many chances. The fans are blaming Gareth Bale, who had the best chances but couldn’t put them away. This year’s Real Madrid never quite seemed to have enough to beat the best teams. They were never fully fit and never quite ready. Watching a player from their Youth Academy end their dream of the 11th Champions League title was difficult for a club with such high expectations. Now, the manager who brought their team the long awaited 10th title may have to fall on his sword and leave the club.

Juventus on the other hand feel that they are a team of destiny. “It seemed like destiny, but it really did go the way we hoped,” said Gianluigi Buffon. ┬áThe team played with a sense of destiny. It’s a group of veterans, also-rans, and rejects who were are not quite done winning. The starting 11 average age is

Buffon (37) ; Lichtsteiner (31), Bonucci (28), Chiellini (30), Evra (33); Pirlo (35); Marchisio (29), Pogba (22); Vidal (27); Tevez (31), Morata (22).

Average age is 30 years old, which is like 50 in soccer years. So the old men from the Old Lady take down the Galacticos.