Sir Alex Ferguson on the Champions League

Have you seen the last six World Cups? It is better going to the dentist I suppose. The important thing is the Champions League has proved itself since its inception. It is better than the World Cup. It is unbelievable. There are some fantastic games. Yes, you have to get through the group stages before you get to the really exciting stage but it is a fantastic tournament.

~ Sir Alex Ferguson, 1 November 2010


Sir Alex Ferguson on Roy Keane Versus Juventus

Roy Keane’s greatest performance came after he received a yellow card that would mean he could not participate in the Champions League Final if Manchester United could get there. Keane ensured that they did. Sir Alex Ferguson’s quote is the kind of praise that any player hopes for from their manager.

Sir Alex Ferguson Quote: Squeaky Bum Time

It’s getting tickly now – squeaky-bum time, I call it.

~ Sir Alex Ferguson, 2003

This classic quote was said during the closing weeks of the 2002 – 2003 season. “Squeaky-bum time” has since entered the general sports lexicon as the final and tense part of a sporting event or season.