Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid Legend is Leaving?

With everything that has happened it will be very difficult for Sergio Ramos to stay at Real Madrid. Sergio is a symbol of this club. He has nothing to prove. But so many things are being said about him.

It’s really hard to know what to make of any statements or rumors during the transfer period.  A lot of it could just be agents and people blowing smoke in order to leverage a better deal for their client.  But sometimes there might be smoke because there is an actual fire.

But the fact that it is public that Sergio Ramos is unhappy with the negotiations is ridiculous.  He’s been an integral part of Real Madrid’s defense for years and the foundation of it for the past couple years ever since they moved him from left back to the central position.

Real is known for constantly changing its lineup and going out and always looking for the next big star. But Ramos is still in his prime, still a star and it would be impossible to replace him.  He’s the consistency in the back that every team needs and craves.

Oh, and has Real already forgotten that it has only been a year since he did this?


Pay him the money. All of it if needed.

Sergio Ramos Quote: This is a German team we are talking about.

When the draw for the semifinals was made a lot of people thought this was going to be easy for us, but this is a German team we are talking about.

~ Sergio Ramos, 24 April 2013

Borussia Dortmund takes down Real Madrid in an incredible Champion’s League semifinal in Germany. Real Madrid’s captain on the night, Sergio Ramos, could only state the obvious and concede that Real Madrid have a problem with German teams.

Sergio Ramos on Jose Mourinho Never Playing Football. Allegedly.

No, pero dependiendo de la situación del partido, hay veces que hay que cambiar los marcajes. Y como usted nunca se ha vestido de corto, no sabe que a veces se dan esas situaciones.

No, but depending on the situation during the game, there are times when you have to change the coverage. And because you’ve never been a player, you don’t know that sometimes those situations come up.

~ Sergio Ramos, January 2012

Times are tense at Real Madrid after another loss at home to Barcelona. Player insurrection against the Mister, Jose Mourinho, are coming out. Madrid paper, La Marca, published an article with Sergio Ramos and other Madrid players standing up to Mourinho’s accusations after the game.

La Marca

Sid Lowe’s translation on the Guardian.