Ryan Nelsen To John Terry: “That was a bit embarassing, John”

“He does it to everybody in their box. He was nowhere near the ball, was never going to win it, so he just fell down. He was just trying to get a penalty, so I wouldn’t make anything out of it. He’s bigger than me so he actually made me look really strong, but if the referee had given anything it would have been ridiculous. That’s never a penalty. I actually said to him: ‘That was a bit embarrassing, John’ and he laughed as he ran off.”

~ Ryan Nelsen, September 15, 2012

The talk before the QPR v Chelsea match was about the pre-match handshake between Anton Ferdinand and John Terry. In the end they did not shake hands (Anton’s choice) and Terry tried to draw a penalty in a hard fought game. Ryan Nelsen called him out on his dive.

Neil Warnock Loves QPR. Sacked Anyway

Obviously I’m very disappointed but, having achieved so much, I leave the club with a great sense of pride. I have enjoyed my time here more than anywhere else and the QPR fans have been brilliant with me. They deserve success.

~ Neil Warnock, 8 January 2012

Neil Warnock’s status as QPR Manager seemed uncertain at the beginning of the season with the new ownership and they have decided to go another direction. Tony Fenandes posted the following on Twitter:

Trust me in 47 years of life I have never had to make such a tough decision. There is no doubt Neil was a good man. A great man. I and the board had to do what we felt was good for the club.

Best Soccer Quote: Neil Warnock on the Murderous Van Persie

He does get away with murder. Every long ball that comes down, he looks at the player, gets his arm up and fouls the centre-half but he does it in a way that they don’t give it so it’s obviously within the laws of the game. It’s disappointing.

Neil Warnock, 31 December 2011


Neil Warnock on Robin Van Persie after the on-form striker beat QPR with a game winning goal.