Miroslave Klose on fair play

It’s a big honor for me to receive this award. But I am also a bit irritated. For me, it was something you should always do. I would do it again – always.

~ Miroslav Klose, 26 September 2012

Lazio’s Miroslav Klose handled the ball into the goal, but came clean and admitted what he had done. The goal, which the official originally allowed, was reversed. Klose was spared a yellow card and Lazio went on to lose by three. Klose’s remarks above came after he was given the Fair Play award for his honesty.



Landon Donovan on Motivation

When I was younger, I was motivated by different things. I wanted to score all the time, I wanted to be famous, I wanted to be popular, I wanted to make money. I wanted to do all of those things, but at the end of it all, those things don’t do a lot for you…

I just want to be good at what I’m doing every day – no matter what it is. The rest of the stuff will kind of fall in line.

So I’m not going to live my life in a way that only points to the future. I enjoy being really present [in the moment], trying to do well every day.

~ Landon Donovan, 14 August 2012

Great stuff from Landon. He maturity is manifesting itself on the field. Read the full interview on Goal.com


Brian Reade on the Hillsborough Disaster and Truth

“If you are a football fan you should remember them when you look around today’s affluent, cage-free, well-stewarded, all-seater stadiums.

You should remember the agony they went through in the first Hillsborough Disaster and the suffering their families went through in the second one.
And you should never forget that for English football’s bright tomorrow they gave their todays.”

~Brian Reade

Read his article here.