Pique on Messi: Don’t worry. We can’t catch him.

“We thought he was mute,” said Gerard Piqué, the lanky Barcelona center back who played with Messi in the club’s youth academy. “He was in the dressing room, on the bench, just sitting. He said nothing to us for the first month. We traveled to Switzerland to play a tournament, and he started to talk and have fun. We thought it was another person. He was really good, but he was really small and thin. His legs were like fingers. One coach said, ‘Don’t try to tackle him strong, because maybe you will break him.’

And we said, ‘O.K., but don’t worry because we cannot catch him.’ ”

From the NYTimes.

Cristiano Ronaldo: I’d vote for myself

This is the perfect quote for Election Day in the U.S. Cristiano Ronaldo gives his thoughts on the Ballon d’Or competition, which is awarded to Europe’s best player.

If I could, I’d vote for myself.

I am what I am and I’m happy with that. Being too humble isn’t good. In Portugal we say that too much humility is vanity.

~ Cristiano Ronaldo, 6 Nov 2012

What about just a regular amount of humility? Is that good? He’s only saying what every one else is thinking.