Best Soccer Quotes: Andre Villas-Boas The Not-So-Special One

Don’t expect something from one man. I was appointed for human qualities. I don’t see the game as a one-man show, I see the game as the getting together of collective ideas and good players. The most important thing is to motivate the players to get their ambitions right.

             ~ Andre Villas-Boas, 22 June 2011
Andre Villas Boas was appointed as the manager of Chelsea and immediately worked to distinguish himself from his Portugeuse countryman, Jose Mourinho. Most papers declared him as the Not-So-Special One and his team’s results in 2011 give him a worse record than the much maligned Luis Scolari during his brief tenure at Chelsea.

Daily Soccer Quote: Andre Villas-Boas

“I know, and you can feel, that Stamford Bridge has become anxious about Chelsea playing at home but we need their full support behind us.”

~Andre Villas-Boas, 11/29/2011

Another loss at home, this time in the Carling Cup, for Chelsea and Villas-Boas has the manager feeling the heat. Three home losses in four attempts and two of them from Liverpool. In 2011, Chelsea is a team in transition and the results are showing that the transition might take longer than hoped. This quote comes after Chelsea’s second loss to Liverpool at home in a few days time. After 12 Premier League games, Villas-Boas has lost twice as many points as Luis Scolari during the same time period.