Meet England’s Most Expensive Footballer Ever

When Raheem Sterling is a $76 Million Man, it’s time to sell your stock in the Premier League. Has the new TV contract really inflated the value of an unproven 20 year old that much? Yet, there it is.

I’ve just had to learn to take it all in my stride but I never imagined I’d be at this point at the age I am now and breaking a British transfer record fee … the world-class players that are here and a squad that are capable of winning things year in, year out. The more quality players that are around you, the more quality it brings out in you so I can’t wait to get started and play alongside them.

The Guardian had a great article about cheaper, better European options than Sterling. The list included Memphis Depay, who now plays for Manchester United. It will be easy to compare the two. Depay was a mere $39 Million. Still a crazy sum to pay for a potential.

At this point, the sky seems to be the limit on what teams will pay. Even mid-table teams are getting in on the action as Crystal Palace was able to convince Yohan Cabaye to come back from PSG, and are now looking to grab Loic Remy from Chelsea. If the money is the same and you can play more, why not?

Transfer madness is in full swing and it pays to play in England.