Andres Iniesta Quote: The will to succeed

If there’s one characteristic all players have it’s precisely that. They all have that gene, that competitiveness, the ability to overcome obstacles, to fight, a willingness to sacrifice. It might look easy to reach the top and stay there, to play for your country and win things, but it isn’t. All players that have achieved those things have that: the big ones, the small ones, the good-looking ones, the ugly ones, the nice ones, the not so nice ones … they all have that will to succeed.

~ Andres Iniesta, 9 Nov 2012

From an interview with Sid Lowe in the Guardian.

Sir Alex Ferguson Quote: Hard work is a talent, too

I tell players that hard work is a talent, too. They need to work harder than anyone else. And if they can no longer bring the discipline that we ask for here at United, they are out. I am only interested in players who really want to play for United, and who, like me, are bad losers.

~Sir Alex Ferguson

Elberse, Anita, and Thomas Dye. “Sir Alex Ferguson: Managing Manchester United.” Harvard Business School Case 513-051, September 2012.

Sir Alex Ferguson Quote: Remember…

Remember what this feels like and make sure they never get the chance to laugh at Manchester United again.

~ Sir Alex Ferguson, 13 May 2012

Manchester United looked to have the Premier League title locked up but were foiled by Manchester City’s last minute victory. The players and fans staggered out of the stadium looking bewildered. The nation laughed as United briefly celebrated and then were crushed by Sergio Aguero’s goal in the 92nd minute. City won the Title on goal differential. Sir Alex Ferguson, ever the motivator, told his men to remember the bitter taste of losing to City. One year later, United lifted the trophy for the 20th title.

Cristiano Ronaldo: I’d vote for myself

This is the perfect quote for Election Day in the U.S. Cristiano Ronaldo gives his thoughts on the Ballon d’Or competition, which is awarded to Europe’s best player.

If I could, I’d vote for myself.

I am what I am and I’m happy with that. Being too humble isn’t good. In Portugal we say that too much humility is vanity.

~ Cristiano Ronaldo, 6 Nov 2012

What about just a regular amount of humility? Is that good? He’s only saying what every one else is thinking.

Jose Mourinho on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

 All I know is that talking about who is the best player in the world should be banned because they are both from another planet.

Debería estar prohibido elegir quién es el mejor jugador del mundo porque estos dos son de otro planeta.

~ Jose Mourinho, 7 October 2012


After Real Madrid and Barcelona drew the latest El Clasico 2 -2, Jose Mourinho gave the great quote above about the two best players in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored all four goals in the match. I’m not sure that football fans realize how good we have it. These two are quickly becoming the planet’s biggest superstars and we are watching it unfold.