Neil Warnock Loves QPR. Sacked Anyway

Obviously I’m very disappointed but, having achieved so much, I leave the club with a great sense of pride. I have enjoyed my time here more than anywhere else and the QPR fans have been brilliant with me. They deserve success.

~ Neil Warnock, 8 January 2012

Neil Warnock’s status as QPR Manager seemed uncertain at the beginning of the season with the new ownership and they have decided to go another direction. Tony Fenandes posted the following on Twitter:

Trust me in 47 years of life I have never had to make such a tough decision. There is no doubt Neil was a good man. A great man. I and the board had to do what we felt was good for the club.

Tim Howard On Scoring A Goal

It was cruel. You saw the back fours and the keepers not being able to believe balls all night, and at the back one wrong step and it can be a nightmare. For our goal I was disappointed from a goalkeepers’ union standpoint. You never want to see that happen. It’s not nice, it’s embarrassing, so I felt for Adam but you have to move on from it.

Tim Howard, 5 January 2012

Tim Howard was the fourth goalkeeper to score in Premier League history and refused to celebrate having been on the receiving end of a similar goal in his career.

Best Soccer Quote: Neil Warnock on the Murderous Van Persie

He does get away with murder. Every long ball that comes down, he looks at the player, gets his arm up and fouls the centre-half but he does it in a way that they don’t give it so it’s obviously within the laws of the game. It’s disappointing.

Neil Warnock, 31 December 2011


Neil Warnock on Robin Van Persie after the on-form striker beat QPR with a game winning goal.

Roberto Mancini On Smoking and Mario Balotelli

For me it is not ok but I am not his father. If he were my son, I would give him a kick up the arse but he is not my son.

I have told him it is better that he doesn’t smoke because I am always against cigarettes and that’s why my son doesn’t smoke. There are players in Italy who smoke and some over here but I don’t think he smokes a lot – maybe five or six a day.

~ Roberto Mancini, 31 December 2011

It’s almost hard to fathom that a professional athlete smokes five or six cigarettes a day, but there you go.

Neil Warnock On Cheaters and Divers in the Premier League

The linesman saw him head-butt Bradley Johnson. So they give what they saw. He has guessed if I’m honest. The heads are together, but I don’t think Joey would have gone down. I’m not surprised Bradley has gone down … Who says cheats don’t prosper? Bradley has conned him. It’s not easy to speak about it and not get carried away. It seems to happen every time we play. We get players sent off wrongly. Bradley Johnson has not been head-butted at all. Not in a million years. The movement of him going backwards has conned the referee. To go back like he did was a disgrace. It’s getting a fellow pro sent off. I think he should be done.

~ Neil Warnock, 2 January 2012


Warnock as QPR Manager is not happy when Bradley Johnson of Norwich City falls to the ground rather easily after an alleged headbutt. Joey Barton is sent off. Warnock implies cheating. It is an incident similar to another in which Barton was the one to go down easily.