Jose Mourinho on Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

 All I know is that talking about who is the best player in the world should be banned because they are both from another planet.

Debería estar prohibido elegir quién es el mejor jugador del mundo porque estos dos son de otro planeta.

~ Jose Mourinho, 7 October 2012


After Real Madrid and Barcelona drew the latest El Clasico 2 -2, Jose Mourinho gave the great quote above about the two best players in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored all four goals in the match. I’m not sure that football fans realize how good we have it. These two are quickly becoming the planet’s biggest superstars and we are watching it unfold.


Jose Mourinho Is The Only One

I’m the only one to have won the three biggest championships in the world. So whether it pleases or not, if one recognizes my value or not… people should may be call me ‘The Only One’ rather than ‘The Special One’ until someone else wins three championships like me.

En Inglaterra, fui presentado como ‘Special One’ (el especial). Gracias a Dios, las cosas han seguido marchando bien y, te guste o no, soy el único que ha ganado el campeonato inglés, el italiano y el español. Por lo tanto, más que ‘Special One’ deben empezar a llamarme ‘The Only One’ (el único).

~ Jose Mourinho, 14 Aug 2012

Sergio Ramos on Jose Mourinho Never Playing Football. Allegedly.

No, pero dependiendo de la situación del partido, hay veces que hay que cambiar los marcajes. Y como usted nunca se ha vestido de corto, no sabe que a veces se dan esas situaciones.

No, but depending on the situation during the game, there are times when you have to change the coverage. And because you’ve never been a player, you don’t know that sometimes those situations come up.

~ Sergio Ramos, January 2012

Times are tense at Real Madrid after another loss at home to Barcelona. Player insurrection against the Mister, Jose Mourinho, are coming out. Madrid paper, La Marca, published an article with Sergio Ramos and other Madrid players standing up to Mourinho’s accusations after the game.

La Marca

Sid Lowe’s translation on the Guardian.

Jose Mourinho on victory and defeat

Victory has many fathers; defeat has only one and that is me. That’s the way football is and I am used to it. Hit me, not my players – leave them alone.

~ Jose Mourinho, 19 January 2012

After stomping through the league thus far, Real Madrid come out on the losing end in El Clasico again. As usual, controversy abounds as Pepe does some stomping of his own and Real Madrid concede possession and their souls. See Sid Lowe for more.